Today as I walked out of the store I saw a quarter on the dirty ground but I picked it up. It’s only a quarter but hey, it’s a quarter. Anyway I get home and toss the coin on the counter while I put groceries away and proceed to get distracted by umpteen cat related ’emergencies’, most of which involve getting fed. In the midst of a typical, chaotic five cat household morning, I’m also trying to locate a pen so I can subtract the total from my grocery bill, in my checkbook. This is where I usually cringe. I have hemorrhaged a continuous stream of money on these, and other cats, since last summer and it has reflected tremendously on my meager account. Well, here comes the good part. So I’m bustling around the house trying to make the bed with cats jumping on thinking we’re playing a game, scooping litter boxes (the nose knows) and making sure Echo ate her meds, when I just happened to think of that quarter I’d found. I don’t know if it was that Xena was being particularily quiet (normally she’s trying feverishly to get at the paper towel roll, which is now wrapped in aluminum foil) or that, thinking back, I’d heard the shuffling of the quarter on the countertop amid all of the other noises generally heard during a busy morning, but I looked and the coin was gone! And so was Xena. I looked among the toys on the floor, under rugs, behind the door. No quarter. It dawned on me that the trash can sits directly under the edge of the counter so I looked in, moved a wrapper to the side and YES, there it is! So i reach in and what do you think happens? Yes, of course it falls in deeper, where you really don’t want to be digging around. But I do, and soon regret it. Banana peels and such.. I don’t think so. And then the irony of this soon hits me. The Kitty Kommittee has found yet another way to happily ‘spend’ my money.



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