Xena- Posing

Kim Kardashian, eat your heart out!


A new cat page!

Kommittee- Christmas picHello Followers!

I’m sorry I haven’t been here very much lately. The truth is, I’ve created new cat page on Facebook called Feral to Friendly Felines, and I’ve been posting most everything in there. If you’d like, you can “Like” my page there and see daily kitty content. 🙂

Have a Happy & Safe New Year!

Feral Echo

Ms. Echo is doing so well inside since January, you’d never know she was feral.
Tyson, however still charges after her so I need to keep them separated. Thinking about buying a pheromone diffuser.. Has anyone ever used pheromones for cats with any degree of success?

Saving the Feedmill Ferals

ImageI had been taking

food and water over to some feral cats at the feedmill here in town

since the summer of 2012. Well, the mother and two of her female

offspring all had litters last spring, at which point I had no idea how I

was going to deal with this situation (now 12 cats plus two toms

hanging around). So I contacted Angel’s Wish in Verona, who helped

me get in contact with Dan Johnson, the spay/neuter coordinator from

Dane County Friends of Ferals. FoF had so many kittens already from

the spring births that it was difficult to get in touch with the necessary

people there so Dan put me in contact with a wonderful woman, Judy

Gregg, here in B.E. who helped me trap the kittens and we have been

taking care of them in our homes since late June, while trying to

find homes for them. We have gotten all three feral mothers spayed at

the vet clinic here in town at our own expense, and have spent

countless hours, money and energy re-homing the kittens, keeping up

with vet bills and caring for all these cats. Dan and Judy have

been tremendously gracious with their time and money toward helping

these cats and kittens. I was also able to convince a neighbor to neuter

her free-roaming male (whom I suspect is the father of many of the

kittens) I have documented the entire story on Facebook with photos

since the beginning. During this labor of love, I adopted 4 of the kittens

and a feral mama who didn’t fare well in the terribly cold winter outdoors.

These kitties came into my life as my husky, Timber and my cat, Bam Bam

were both diagnosed with terminal illnesses. It would have been unbearable

to have been in an empty house. So who saved who? Oreo (in photo)

Tyson, Misty, Xena & Echo are my living angels.